• Bar de Belmonte
    "The atmosphere of luxury in a trendy, cosy and welcoming setting."
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    "The atmosphere of luxury in a trendy, cosy and welcoming setting."
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    "Enjoy the live music in the weekend and experience the great vibe."
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Boutique Hotel Saint-Gery
Bar "de Belmonte"

De Belmonte, a small village in Portugal, gave us the inspiration of a new concept which we launched in our bar, at the Place Saint Géry in Brussels: Gin & Tin.

The bar, already open for about 2.5 years, searched an original way of serving food in the idea of what we would like to call: drink-dining.  While you enjoy your drink, you can choose from a wide selection of gourmet seafood products. All served in tin cans! It’s a premiere in Belgium and has its’ roots in Portugal, from where most of the products are directly imported.  Also countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Canada, Iceland, UK, … have found their way into the selection of exquisite and attractive food on the menu such as Sardines, Mackerel, Trout, Squid, Shrimp, Lobster…. All prepared in a different and traditional way and displayed in a more than attractive manner.

All this can be enjoyed by a good Belgian beer, glass of fine wine, homemade cocktails and now also introducing, an assortment of +20 carefully selected high level Gins. Perfectly served with the right Tonic and presented in a contemporary way.

You will be surprised what quality ‘Gin & Tin’ can be discovered in our bar/restaurant.

During the winter the Bar is closed to the public on Monday's.
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